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03 Jun

Teaching Methods: The Kodaly Method

This week’s article is on: Teaching Methods (Part One of Three)The Kodaly Method
by: Teacher Lounge Editor, Deborah Jeter

Have you been looking for a method to focus on your student’s singing voice?

If the answer to the question above is yes, then the Kodaly Method is for you. Zoltan Kodaly developed a way of educating young children through the singing of the native mother tongue folk songs. Doesn’t sound too different with just that being said, but the differences lie within the internal workings. The Kodaly Method uses a sequence for teaching music, that is child developmental. More on that later.
Right now… allow me to introduce you to Zoltan Kodaly. Read More

30 May

Vocal Techniques: Visual Images for the Vocal Coach

Vocal Techniques: Visual Images for the Vocal Coach
by: Teacher Lounge Editor, Deborah Jeter

This article is the second in a series on “back to basics” teaching methods. For the first article see: 

If you have a student that is having difficulties in learning to accept the challenges of making music, it could be helpful to point out some of the benefits of becoming a musician of excellence.

Music can build poise and confidence. It teaches us self-sacrifice when we give our time for long and demanding rehearsals. We learn to blend our minds and voice with other singers and instruments into that most splendid of all cooperative activities, the making of music.

We learn to appreciate things of beauty and develop aesthetic sensitivity and begin to expect of ourselves, Read More

21 Mar

Back to Basics: Ear Training

This week’s article is on: Back to Basics Ear Training
by: Teacher Lounge Editor, Deborah Jeter

The best time for students to learn ear training is at a young age.
Why is ear training so important? It develops greater musicality and confidence. Ear training helps students become better sight readers.
Ear Training is essential, it’s a basic and is a fundamental requirement for becoming a proficient singer.

Working with the preschooler or younger child (beginner)

Tone Matching Games: (Vocal) Read More