About MusicStaff.com – #1 Music Teacher Directory

Musicstaff.com was officially launched in May of 1998. It’s one of the original music teacher directories. It’s been in a semi-dormant state for the last 3 years as we’ve focused on other things. We are proud however to announce the launch of the new and improved Musicstaff.com.

In today’s world the arts are continually being cut back. The emphasis in education is on technical skills and specialization. While this approach may be valuable in order for us to complete globally, we’ve lost touch with the value of having a broad set of experiences. In the same way that all children should be in two sports (a team sport and an individual sport), I believe that every child should learn to play a musical instrument. These activities will shape their adult life in a positive and meaningful way. They will help develop confidence, self-discipline and creativity.

Musicstaff.com is an opportunity to give back to the musical community in the most simple way. By making music teachers and music resources accessible, we hope to make it easier for people of all ages to get started with music lessons. And by providing support and motivation, we hope to make it more fun and easier to stick with it.

Look for Musicstaff.com to continue to evolve as we strive to achieve our mission. I welcome any comments or suggestions you have which will help move us down the path to success.

Joshua Rich